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Cops Were Not Amused by Flaming Dog Poop Prankster

The authorities apprehended a suspect on Christmas Eve after the residents of a dwelling found a bag of feces that someone left burning on their doorstep.

Early Monday morning when it was discovered that something on the front porch of a residence was on fire the occupants notified the authorities after ensuring that everyone in the house was safe.

The fire department and local police arrived at the residence and reported that the source of the blaze was a bag of what was believed to be dog poop that had been ignited. All of the people and the home itself were said to have remained free of damage or injury from the mischief.

When the authorities interviewed the people inside of the home they learned that there had been a disagreement between one of the female tenants and a man that she knew. The woman said that she told the man he was no longer welcome at the home and she believed that he was responsible for the incident as a way to retaliate.

An officer viewed the footage from one of the street cameras that was pointed in the direction of the home and allegedly saw a male in the area around the time that the people reported the event.

The officer found a man fitting the description of the person in the video and he was identified as 18-year-old Dylan Printz.

Upon speaking with Printz, the officer alleged that the man disclosed that he used a paper bag from a take-out restaurant to place the dog excrement in and then set it on fire on the doorstep using a lighter. He was additionally reported as saying that he executed the odiferous offense in response to the earlier argument.

Printz was taken into custody on suspicion of felony arson, felony risking catastrophe, and a misdemeanor charge for reckless endangerment. His bail was set at $20,000 and he is scheduled for a pretrial in early November.

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