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Dad Covered Security Camera with Towel and Brutally Beat Infant

A 2-month-old suffered horrific injuries after his father allegedly viciously assaulted him, and reportedly concealed it by covering the security camera with a towel.

33-year-old Daniel Rohloff lives in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with his infant son and the child’s mom.

Last Tuesday, Rohloff and the baby’s mother brought him to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia because he seemed to be seriously injured.

Doctors reported that they believed the severe wounds were inflicted by a person. They diagnosed fractured ribs, several hemorrhages indicative of a severe head injury, a bruised and lacerated liver, and external bruises all over his skin.

Upper Merion Township Police and Montgomery County Detectives opened an investigation when they were notified about the situation.

They found that the family’s home had surveillance cameras. It was reported that the footage showed that more than one instance of domestic violence had taken place during the previous 48 hours.

The authorities reported that Rohloff went into a room with the baby in his arms and placed a towel over the lens of the camera. They believed they heard the infant uncontrollably screaming and crying before Rohloff removed the cloth from the camera and left the room with the child. The recording reportedly indicated he had done it twice.

Rohloff and the baby’s mother also allegedly got into a vicious argument where it sounded as if items in the home were being broken. The woman departed from the premises.

Approximately 2-hours after the child’s mother left the home, Rohloff reportedly got in touch with her and told her that the baby was having seizures.

The woman came home, and when the infant began to have more seizures they took him to the hospital.

Rohloff was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. He is facing several charges such as attempted murder, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Rohloff is being held on a $1M bail.

The DA held a press conference regarding the incident and said the infant “was cruelly and severely injured at the hands of this defendant.”

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