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Florida Man Pistol-Whips Woman with Her Own Gun

A woman reported that she was physically assaulted on Saturday by the man she shares a residence with. The fight allegedly broke out when she refused his request for a ride to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Calvin Shuler allegedly spent the entire weekend celebrating his 47th birthday using alcohol and cocaine in the residence he shares with the victim. He decided he wanted her to drive him to KFC and she denied him, causing an argument to ensue.

The woman became frightened for her safety and attempted to lock herself in the bedroom. Shuler purportedly became increasingly angry and threatened to kick the door down. He followed through with his warning and burst into the room when she refused to unlock it, and she claimed that he jumped on top of her while she was laying in bed and began hitting her.

The victim was in possession of a loaded revolver in her purse, and she tried to access it in the midst of the assault in order to defend herself. Shuler struggled with the victim and succeeded in his attempts to reach the weapon before she was able, and he allegedly used the gun to hit her in the head.

The physical altercation continued in the living room and the victim claimed Shuler continued beating her with the gun and punching her.

Shuler left the residence in possession of the weapon and went next door to a neighbor’s house. The victim called 911 after Shuler left the premises, and deputies from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office arrived shortly after.

The victim was found with a limp and swollen ankle, in addition to several scratches and contusions all over her body.

Three days later Shuler was located and taken into custody. He has been charged with battery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and grand theft of a firearm. He is being held on $57,000 bond and the judge ordered that he have no contact with the victim.

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