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On February 5, 2017, following the 51st Super Bowl game, a man who authorities came to believe was driving under the influence of alcohol was involved in a hit-and-run accident when his vehicle made impact with a bicyclist. He reportedly drove off quickly without stopping after the incident took place.

An investigation to locate the perpetrator of the accident, which occurred in Laguna Niguel, was opened by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Their findings led them to believe that the person responsible for the event was 53-year-old Timothy Anthony Cronin.

As a part of their year-long inspection of the evidence, authorities collected statements from people who had been in his presence that day, and those interrogated informed deputies that Cronin, a proclaimed New England Patriots fan, was allegedly intoxicated on Super Bowl Sunday in 2017. Investigators surmised that Cronin was on his way home from a celebration and under the influence when the accident took place.

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Police claim that a 36-year old man took them on a chase from Redondo Beach to San Pedro, and that he then tried to run over a police officer.

Dallaire, a resident of Redondo Beach, made his first appearance in Torrance court and pled not guilty at his arraignment.

According to police, Dallaire drove away from police in Redondo Beach on Saturday when they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. Officers had chased him to Gaffey St. and Summerland Ave. in San Pedro where he crashed his car. A Redondo Beach police officer tried to approach Dallaire, but Dallaire allegedly put the car in reverse, trying to hit the officer with his car. That prompted the officer to shoot, police said.

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Restitution has been an issue in two cases this week. Briefly, when one person is convicted of committing a crime against another, he is liable for “restitution” or payment for the damages caused by that crime. In a theft case, this means he must repay what he is accused of stealing and any affiliated costs, like replacement goods. In an assault and battery case, he must pay for doctors bills. In a hit and run, he must pay for damages to the other car.

In the Orange County criminal courts, especially the Harbor Justice Center, restitution is handled in one of two ways. It is either spelled out as an exact dollar amount at the time of the plea bargain or “to be determined”. When restitution is “to be determined”, the criminal case file is handed over to the Orange County criminal court’s Victim Witness office, which then contacts the victim and asks them to list the damages that they suffered.

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