Woman Gives IV To Drunk Teen Instead of Calling 911

An Idaho woman recently purchased alcohol for a teenage boy living in her house who was having a birthday, according to investigators. One of the guests at the party was a 14 year old girl who ended up drinking multiple shots of the alcohol and lost consciousness.

Some of the other teens at the party notified the woman of the young girl’s condition. According to reports, instead of calling 911 to report the incident, the woman instead hooked the girl up to an IV drip, administering approximately half a liter of fluid into her veins. She allegedly did not only fail to contact paramedics, but also failed to notify the girl’s parents of the incident as well.

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Woman Starts Wildfire To Help Bored Firefighters

WildfireAn Oregon woman recently pled guilty in Federal court to starting a massive fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. She allegedly told police that she tossed a lit firework out of a car window because her firefighter friends were bored and needed work. She told officials that she thought it would be a small fire that would take only a few days to put out.

The firework ignited brush alongside the road that quickly spread northwest. Two days later, she reportedly posted a message on Facebook: “Like my fire?”

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Morgue Employee Admits to Having Sex With 100 Corpses

A 60 year old Ohio resident has admitted in a deposition to having sex with up to 100 corpses of dead women in the Hamilton County morgue between 1976 and 1992.

The deposition is part of a civil lawsuit between families of three of the victims against Hamilton County, who said that the morgue director failed “recklessly and wantonly” to supervise the employee.

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Drone Carrying Contraband Crashes Outside Prison

droneOur last blog focused on a man who was arrested for flying a drone too close to a hospital and then posting the footage on YouTube. As these model aircraft become more popular and cheaper, we expect more people to be arrested for using them for illegal purposes.

This week, a man was arrested in South Carolina for allegedly operating a drone loaded with marijuana, tobacco, and cell phones. He reportedly attempted to fly and land the drone within the boundaries of Lee Correctional Institute, a maximum security prison, presumably to deliver the contraband to a person or people within. The craft apparently malfunctioned or was intentionally crashed outside the razor wire fence that bordered the prison.

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Man Charged With Felony For Flying Drone Near Hospital

droneDrones are often thought of as airplane-sized, unmanned aircraft intended to get surveillance video of remote areas or bomb distant targets. But they do exist on a much smaller scale, within the purchasing power of the average American hobbyist, one of whom learned last week that doing so can land him in a New York court with felony charges.

The man was flying a model drone, a DJI Phantom 2, with a remote control. According to the police report, a video camera was attached to the craft and he allegedly flew the drone within 15 feet of a hospital window, where patients were undergoing medical examinations. Patients and staff had reported seeing the drone, but the man says the tinted hospital windows prevented the video footage from showing anybody inside.

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Woman To Serve Prison Sentence For Having Sex With Friend’s 12-Year-Old Son

woman-imageA woman was just sentenced to state prison for admitting to having sex with her adult friend’s 12-year old son. She had pled to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child in a Florida court.

The incident allegedly began when the woman began contacting the boy on Facebook and through text messages. She had him a picture of herself in underwear and had arranged to meet the boy at a mall, where they instead had sex in the back seat of her car. They had met on at least two more occasions, in a secluded wooded area, also to have sex in her car.

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Men Arrested For Using Heroin At Chuck E. Cheese

BongPolice were called to a Costa Mesa Chuck E Cheese on Tuesday night on a tip that men might be using drugs in its bathroom. When they arrived, they found two men in a bathroom stall smoking heroin.

One of the men was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia and is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail. The other man was arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance and was later released on $1,000 bail.

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Avoiding a DUI this Independence Day Weekend

blurryThe Orange County Sheriff’s Department has issued a bulletin that their task force will be in full effect on July 4 to combat the increased number of individuals potentially driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). The task force will be deploying deputies and officers to numerous checkpoints throughout Orange County in anticipation of people getting behind the wheel after having too many drinks. The CHP also plans on having additional officers in the field.

Planning ahead is always the best idea. If you are planning on drinking, always designate a sober driver. If you have been drinking and think you may be under the influence, always arrange for an alternate method of getting home. Likewise, if you see someone who is drunk and is attempting to get into their car, take away their keys and help them make other arrangements to getting where they are going safely. Calling a friend, family member, or a taxi is always a better choice than getting behind the wheel.

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Supreme Court Rules That Cell Phones Cannot Be Searched Without a Warrant

Siri_iPhoneIn a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, the justices unanimously ruled that police will now require a warrant to search a person’s cell phone.

Up until now, courts have routinely allowed the data contained on cell phones as evidence in a criminal proceeding on the basis that it prevents the destruction of evidence and for the safety of police officers in the field.

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Woman Charged With Prostitution Inside City Library

When visiting the library, it’s important not to disturb others. So when an undercover police officer entered the New Hampshire library to follow up on a tip that prostitution was occurring there, he was soon approached by a woman with pad and paper. The 20-year old woman began scribbling notes and passing them to the officer, one of which allegedly offered a sex act for $60.

The woman was arrested on charges of prostitution, and she was also wanted on drug charges. She was reportedly arrested in February for illegal possession of cocaine and heroin.

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Teens Arrested For Going on Epic Stolen Credit Card Spending Spree

Mclaren_mp4-12c_goodwood_festival_of_speed_2010Two teens were arrested in Sonoma County on June 5 and now face charges for credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft and vehicle theft after the teens allegedly rented a $240,000 McLaren 12C using one or more stolen credit cards.

The 19-year old teens were somehow able to rent the McLaren, which is unusual because car rental agencies do not usually allow drivers under the age of 25 to rent high-end sports cars. They reportedly paid the $13,000 rental payment for the car and were able to get the keys before the agency realized the credit card was stolen.

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Man Reportedly Tries to Kill Hospital Roommate

A 36-year old Laguna Niguel man is being held on $1 million bail for one count of attempted murder and one count of elder abuse.

He and the unnamed victim, a 91-year old patient at Fountain Valley Hospital, were sharing the same hospital room when the younger man reportedly attacked the elderly patient, covering the man’s nose and mouth with his hands and punching him repeatedly.

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Use Your Smartphone to Avoid a Traffic Citation


IMG_3681Under California Vehicle Code §12500, driving without a valid license can result in a citation. Lacking evidence of liability insurance is a violation of Vehicle Code §16028 and a first-time offense can result in a fine of between $100 and $200, plus penalty assessments.

With all of the cards we’re required to keep track of, sometimes we misplace our driver’s license. If your glove compartment is anything like mine, finding a credit card-sized evidence of liability insurance amid a disorganized mess of papers, manuals, sunglasses and loose change is going to be difficult. Add an impatient police officer standing next to your car, and you’re going to get nervous. This nervousness can be misconstrued by the police officer as you being under the influence of a drug and may result in a breath and/or blood test. Even if you are not under the influence, an arrest can often jeopardize your employment and any professional licenses you may hold.

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Teen Faces Possible Life in Prison for Selling Pot Brownies

browniesA 19-year old teenager from Texas is facing anywhere between 5 years to life in prison for baking and selling pot brownies. Authorities arrested the teen on April 15 after a search of his apartment revealed six bags of cookies, nine bags of brownies, a pound of marijuana and $1675 in cash.

Although his criminal defense attorney claims the offense should be classified as a misdemeanor, Texas laws are harsher in its punishment of crimes involving THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The reason for the tough penalty is due to the boy using hash oil in making the brownies. Hash oil is classified differently from marijuana as a “Penalty 2” controlled substance. This allows authorities to use the weight of the entire batch of brownies (including sugar, flour, etc.) as the weight of the drug sold.

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Laguna Hills Repeals Ban on Sex Offenders in Parks

In 2011, Laguna Hills became the 7th city in the county to pass a law banning sex offenders from city parks and private parks run by homeowners associations. This went a step further than the existing Orange County ban on sex offenders from parks, beaches, and harbors. The DA was optimistic that such a move would increase public safety, especially for children. They were also confident that the ban was constitutional.

The citywide ban instituted by Laguna Hills contained additional provisions, requiring the posting of signs at parks referencing the new law and establishing criteria for waivers. These provisions were meant to help defend the new ordinances in court. The ban of sex offenders from private, homeowners association-owned parks required the associations to specifically request that the law be enforced in their own parks. No associations had made such a request since the ban was instituted.

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Juvenile Brings Loaded Gun to Garden Grove Middle School

On Monday, police received an anonymous tip that a student at Jordan Intermediate School in Garden Grove had a weapon. They responded and discovered an eighth grade student at that school had a .38 caliber semiautomatic handgun in his possession along with a loaded clip in his pocket. Nobody was injured.

The child was arrested and sent to Orange County Juvenile Hall on weapons charges. Police discovered that the handgun was registered to a member of his family. They quickly obtained a warrant and searched his home, where they found a .22 caliber firearm that was not registered. The owner of that gun was cited and released.

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Man Allegedly Extorts Underage Girls on Facebook For Nude Photos



A 23-year old Anaheim man allegedly logged onto Facebook using a profile of a male high school-age student. He would then use the account to persuade underage girls to send him sexually-explicit photos and videos, which he would then use as blackmail, threatening to forward those photos on to other high school students if the girl did not agree to send more. He is alleged to have contacted at least six girls in this manner.

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Woman Charged For Selling Drugs From Hospital Bed

On April 14, a woman was  admitted to a Pennsylvania hospital for treatment of a condition apparently unrelated to drugs. While she was in the intensive care unit, her multiple cell phones rang frequently, and she was visited by a large number of people, who would stay for only a few minutes. Many of the visitors who came to see her did not even know her last name.

When suspicion of her activities mounted, police were called. They set up an undercover informant to visit her room who was able to buy 30 bags of heroin from the woman. Police quickly moved in to make the arrest. In her hospital room, they found 380 bags of heroin with a street value of approximately $3800, along with $1420 in cash.

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Prison Sentence For Man Who Fired Shots In Fashion Island Parking Lot

Only one day after the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that took the lives of 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut, Marcos Gurrola allegedly took out a .40-caliber Glock handgun in a crowded Orange County mall parking lot and fired 54 rounds toward the Macy’s building. He stopped shooting and surrendered when two Newport Beach police officers on bicycles arrived. Gurrola was in possession of six magazines for his handgun, with even more in his car.

He was charged with 54 felony counts of firing a weapon at an inhabited dwelling, 2 counts of assault, plus two firearm enhancements. The reasons for Gurrola’s actions are inconclusive. He reportedly claimed that when he fired his gun, it made him feel better. Police said in 2012 that Gurrola told a detective he fired his gun because he was angry, but was not aiming at anybody.

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City Administrator Receives Federal Prison Sentence for Tax Evasion

With tax day coming tomorrow, it’s tempting to make a few tweaks to reduce the amount of tax you owe to the federal government. But allow yourself to get carried away and you may find yourself in federal prison on tax evasion charges. The former city of Bell chief administrator was convicted of allegedly falsifying losses on his taxes, but that’s only half the story.

As the city administrator, he reportedly misappropriated taxpayer funds to pay himself a salary far in excess of what he should have received, and then claimed more than $770,000 in non-existent losses to the IRS to inflate his take-home pay up to $1.18 million per year.

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