Making a Murderer: How YOU Can Protect Yourself

The Single Most Important Lesson From Making a Murderer: How YOU Can Protect Yourself

The world is abuzz with talk of Netflix’s new docuseries “Making a Murderer”, which chronicles the investigation and murder trial of Manitowic County resident Steven Avery and his nephew, Brenden Dassey. Even Anonymous, the international hacktivist organization has gotten involved, threatening to release confidential emails between investigators and former District Attorney Ken Kratz. The series reviews the evidence and viewers are left believing that two men were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to terms of life imprisonment for crimes they did not commit. The conviction of one of these men, Brendan Dassey, would have been impossible had he done one simple thing- exercised his right to remain silent.

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Eight Things You’ll Need From a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Моst реорlе hоре never to be charged with a criminal offense in their lifetime, but thousands of Orange County residents are so charged every year. Fоrtunаtеlу, оur јudісіаl brаnсh hаs а рrеsumрtіоn оf іnnосеnсе untіl рrоvеn guіltу, аnd thіs mеаns thаt аnуоnе сhаrgеd wіth а сrіmе, whеthеr іt bе DUІ оr mаnslаughtеr, hаs thе rіght tо а strоng dеfеnsе. Fоr thе bеst dеfеnsе, thоugh, іt’s nесеssаrу tо fіnd а gооd experienced criminal defense аttоrnеу. When choosing a criminal defense lawyer, be sure to look for the following:

  1. Еduсаtіоn: Тhеrе аrе оvеr 200 lаw sсhооls іn Аmеrіса аррrоvеd bу thе Аmеrісаn Ваr Аssосіаtіоn, but thеу’rе dеfіnіtеlу nоt аll еquаl. In California and Orange County even, there are countless unaccredited law schools. Іnquіrіng аbоut аn аttоrnеу’s еduсаtіоn іsn’t аn аffrоnt tо а lаwуеr. Staycie R. Sena went to Stanford Law School, which is uniformly considered the best law school in California and often ties in ranking for the best law school in the world.

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Mel Gibson Gets Lucky

Mel Gibson is a well-known local hothead. It came as no surprise to Southern California or Orange County residents then when officials in Sydney, Australia said they were investigating him for criminal assault or battery on a member of the paparazzi. Worse, that member was a woman, who claimed that he shoved her in the back and spit on her. Police claim they did a thorough investigation, which included talking with witnesses and reviewing security camera footage, but have ultimately decided not to file criminal charges, much to the anger of the alleged victim.

Assault and battery can be serious charges. As an Orange County criminal attorney I defend innocent people of accusations of assault and battery weekly. But most people are not subject to the careful scrutiny that Mel Gibson received before charges are filed. Unfortunately, assault and battery charges are often filed on nothing more than a simple verbal allegation, such as “he punched me.”

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How To Avoid a DUI on Labor Day

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of Orange County to plan ahead for Labor Day festivities that involve alcohol. The agency will be deploying multiple DUI checkpoints throughout the area with the intention of arresting anybody who is driving a vehicle who is under the influence of alcohol.

Officials recommend planning ahead to get a safe ride home at the end of the night. Such plans can include designating a sober driver, using Uber or a taxi service, or calling a sober friend or family member to give you a ride home. They also recommend taking car keys away from any individual who appears to be intoxicated so they are unable to drive.

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Mother Sentenced For Putting Feces In Her Son’s IV Drip

ivdripA West Virginia woman was recently sentenced to 6 years in prison for placing fecal matter in her son’s IV drip.

Having been born with Hirschsprung’s disease, the 9 year old boy was being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio. Hirschsprung’s disease affects the bowels and requires many surgeries, and in this case the use of a colostomy bag.

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Video Shows Toddler Performing Sexual Act On A 14- Year Old Girl

A 14 year old girl was arrested in South Carolina for sexual abuse involving a 3 year old.

According to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department , the girl was arrested after posting a video allegedly showing sexual abuse of the 3 year old. Multiple calls to the police department alerted authorities to the Facebook post which led to her arrest.

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Josh Duggar Accused of Sexual Molestation

joshduggarJosh Duggar, originally from the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting” yesterday reportedly confessed to molesting five underage girls, including some of his own sisters in a widely-publicized confession. The incidents are said to have taken place in 2002 when he was 14 years old. The police report detailing these incidents has been made public. Discretion is advised, as some of the descriptions are graphic. He has since resigned his position at the Family Research Council, an organization devoted to “protecting children and families.”

Jim Bob, Josh’s father, allegedly knew about the incidents but waited over a year to report the incident to an Arkansas State Trooper, who was a family friend. The trooper is said to have given Josh a stern reprimand, but no criminal action was taken at that time. The trooper would later be convicted of child pornography charges and is currently serving a 56-year term in prison.

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Woman Blames DUI on Whiskey Burgers

After being pulled over for expired tags, a 33 year old Florida woman was accused of drunk driving when police smelled whiskey on her breath.

When police pulled the woman over for having expired tags, they weren’t expecting what they found. There were 3 young children in the backseat, improperly restrained, and the driver was breast feeding a two month old baby. In addition, there was a full can of gasoline on the front passenger seat.

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California Man Beats Up Wife Over Instagram Selfies

A Fresno, CA man is accused of severely beating his wife after she continually posted selfies on Instagram, an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service.

After her husband allegedly beat and threatened to kill her, the victim ran off with their 5 and 7 year old children and called the police. The man reportedly ran off with their 2 year old child. The victim of domestic violence appeared to have been choked and punched, as she suffered injury to her eyes, neck, arms and legs.

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Two Way Mirror in Women’s Restroom Causes Stir


The owner of a bar is defending the presence of a 2-way mirror in the women’s restroom of his Illinois establishment. According to the owner, the mirror is part of a “fun house gag” and is not a crime.

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Men Suspected of Illegally Exporting High-Tech Electronics

The FBI has charged 5 men and 4 corporations with illegally exporting high-tech microelectronics to Iran, in violation of the International Emergency Powers Act. Three of the men, including one from Aliso Viejo, were taken into custody in Houston, Texas. Two other men are believed to be out of the country.

The Iran-based company Faratel and Smart Power Systems in Texas were allegedly building uninterruptible power supplies and shipping them off for use by the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Iranian Centrifuge Technology Company. According to the FBI these electronics can be used in military equipment such as surface to air and cruise missiles. The indictment states the items would be shipped to a company in Taiwan, then on to a company in Turkey, which would then send them to Iran.

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College Students Charged in Sexual Attack During Spring Break

Two men in their early 20’s were arrested and charged with sexual battery. Both men are college students at Troy University in Alabama.

The alleged attack occurred on a crowded beach during Spring Break, in broad daylight, and was recorded on a cell phone. The cell phone video was discovered during a police search of an unrelated shooting. The female victim could not recall details of the incident, stating she thought she had been drugged at the time.

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Father Sentenced For Chaining Boy to Bed

A man who was charged with child endangerment and abuse for allegedly chaining his 7 year old son to a bed while he went to work was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 30 days of house arrest.

The father reportedly said he couldn’t afford childcare services while he went to work and didn’t want his son running around the neighborhood. Although the child was not injured by the heavy chain that was secured to his ankle, and the boy had access to water, snacks, and the bathroom, the prosecutor said the father’s actions “absolutely rose to the level of child abuse” according to the Herald Journal.

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Massage Therapist Charged With Sexual Battery

Massage-hand-4The owner and operator of a massage parlor in San Clemente has been charged with sexual battery in a case that involved at least six alleged victims spanning from June to October, 2014. He was released on $100,000 bail and has a hearing scheduled for January 12 in Harbor Justice Center.

The man, who is a licensed massage therapist, is accused of touching one of his employees and five clients for the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification, and abuse. At his arraignment, he was ordered by the judge to stop working as a massage therapist and not to enter any massage parlor during business hours.

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Black Friday Shoppers Arrested For Fight At Kohls

DCUSA.Gallery10.TargetBlackFriday.WikipediaIn a holiday event that is sure to bring out the worst in people, three women were arrested at a Tustin Kohls after a shouting match between them and two other women escalated into a physical assault that caused one woman to be hospitalized from her injuries.

The fight broke out in the baby section of the Kohls on Irvine Blvd. in Tustin. The victims were hit and scratched on their faces. Two of the three suspects fled the store before police arrived. One of the women was arrested for assault charges and was held in custody over the weekend pending a Monday arraignment with a bail amount of $25,000. A second woman involved in the incident was arrested, but later released pending further investigation. She may face charges later. The third suspect was a teenager who was released to her parents and may face juvenile charges.

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Man Serves Jail Sentence For Stealing Police Car

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn a scene likely to be reenacted in Grand Theft Auto, a Palm Springs man stole a police car from the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy where recruits were being trained. Two men were arrested in January after investigators found the squad car missing and several other police cars burglarized.

The vehicle was found abandoned in Garden Grove the next day. The alleged perpetrator and his cohort were found in possession of stolen police items and were booked on charges of burglary, vehicle theft, and possession of stolen property.

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Sweeping Reform to Affect Californians with Theft or Drug Convictions

Californians have just enacted the biggest change to the criminal justice system in a generation. Voters have approved Proposition 47, which will reduce most drug and many theft crimes from felonies to mere misdemeanors. This will reduce or eliminate thousands of jail sentences across the state.

Anyone who is currently serving a prison sentence that qualifies under this reclassification is eligible to petition for a new, lighter sentence, even if currently incarcerated under Californias “three strikes” law. Someone serving a 25-to-life sentence may, for example, be allowed to leave prison now with credit for time that has been served.

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Burglar’s DNA Leads To His Arrest

An Albuquerque man is accused of breaking into a home and stealing $250,000 worth of jewelry from the home while the owners were on vacation. Police investigating the crime found an opened can of soda and an unflushed toilet where he allegedly relieved himself, but forgot to flush.

Investigators were reportedly able to use the DNA left on the toilet and the soda can to identify the man and arrest him for residential burglary and larceny. He is currently in custody and has pled not guilty to the charges.

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Overweight Suspect Challenges Cops To Arrest Him

Domestic violence calls to police often result in arrests, but when the suspect is a 500 pound man, the challenge is put upon police to even move, let alone make an arrest. That’s what happened when the man’s girlfriend called police and allegedly told the police that her boyfriend had slapped and spit on her.

Police arrived to find the man freshly showered, speaking with slurred speech, and naked. When informed he was under arrest, he allegedly sat down on the floor and told officers to try to move him. He also reportedly kicked an officer, according to police documents.

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Woman Held At Gunpoint By Police During Childbirth

A woman went into labor on Tuesday morning and was given an emergency ride to the hospital by her husband. Because she had already given birth to three other children, the woman felt like the baby was going to come out immediately. They sped off toward the hospital with the woman screaming in pain with powerful contractions.

She attempted to contact 911 to notify authorities of the situation as her husband sped down the freeway at 85 MPH, but the dispatcher was unable to decipher her language since she was screaming in pain. That’s when a police officer spotted the vehicle speeding in a 55 MPH zone and gave chase with lights and sirens blaring.

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